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Water Damage Restoration Services 

Water damage incidents and flooding events come from different sources and cause different levels of damage. These obviously happen on a day-to-day basis consistently around the world. Water damage or flood damage restoration must also be segregated into different classes and categories.

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Water is also capable of finding its way into areas where we would usually not even consider it could venture. Consequently, when inspecting a water damage project, all potentially affected areas need to be thoroughly investigated. The information obtained should then be used to develop a preliminary determination, pre-restoration evaluation and scope of work and procedures.

In truth every water restoration job we attend will be different, with so many variables that can be influenced by so many factors. Due to this, our technicians monitor very regularly, using specialist moisture detection tools we have available and using the science behind our findings to reach our conclusions. All in all documentation is a very important part of any water restoration project we are contracted to do. Subsequently by the end of the job we can present a full detailed report of all proceedings.

Dealing with water damage in Perth Quickly and Efficiently

commercial water damageActing fast and effectively is crucial when dealing with water damage restoration. Accordingly, it can be the difference between salvaging a lot or spending a fortune on replacement. Most import is there are many safety aspects that require our professional attention and understanding of correct procedures. Water damage creates a common risk we label the slip, trip and fall factor. It is also a conductor of electrical current, therefore, act responsibly and have it attended to immediately

Unquestionably, if water damage is neglected and not handled properly, the damage will escalate. Your home is your investment and Capital Steam Cleaners will respond quickly to your request and help relieve you of all stress. We undoubtedly use the most advanced technology available. Furthermore, we handle every facet of your emergency from clean-up to full water restoration.

What must be remembered is we have received full specialized training in all types of water damage restoration. For this reason, we can handle any type of situation from minor water damage to catastrophic flood damage. By the same token we provide a top-class service with all necessities. Overall, with us you get the whole package. Beginning with initial water damage inspection and ending with final report.

What are signs of water damage in a house or office?

Some of the Most Common Signs of Water Damage in Your House or Office.

  1. The easiest sign is exposed visible wet spots on the walls within your home.
  2. Structural damage such as cracks in your walls
  3. If there is evidence of unsettled paint
  4. Plaster is starting to crumble off walls
  5. Skirting boards coming off or warping wood
  6. Dripping inside wall cavity’s
  7. A continually humid room
  8. High concentration of mould or fungal activity in your home
  9. A consistent musty odour indicates a lot of moisture present
  10. Unusually high-water bills may indicate you have a leak somewhere.
Is water damage or flood damage covered by insurance companies in Australia
Insurance policies can be unique, but Generally Insurers will typically only cover you for your water damage escape if it is unexpected or accidental. Sadly, what this can mean is most people won’t be covered if the water damage is caused by negligence, lack of maintenance or wear and tear.
What to do if my house has water damage or is flooded?
Required Urgently

1.Generally, if you have a water leak you need to turn off your main water and electrical supply immediately.
2. In addition, call and report to professionals who can also verbally assist as soon as possible.
3. Relocate salvageable or valuable goods from walls involved to a dry location unless unsafe and hazardous.
4. Prop upholstery up safely. Also take care of beds and other furniture in direct area, if you have the ability unless unsafe and hazardous.
5. Roll and prop up all rugs off wet or threatened floors unless unsafe and hazardous.
6. Pick up any other vulnerable or personal items from the floor areas unless unsafe and hazardous.
7. Consult your insurance company if you are covered to discuss flood damage
8. Finally, consider taking a pictures or a small video of the water flooding and the damage involved.

Avoid Urgently

1. Avoid Panic. Staying significantly calm can maximise resilience.
2. Don’t try do everything yourself if possible. Get partners, neighbours or friends assistance if possible.
3. Avoid hazardous areas. This undoubtably includes a sagging roof, damaged building structure or slippery services.
4. It is undeniably unsafe to let young children or animals roam around a flood damage house.
5. Don’t try vacuum with standard day to day dry vacuum cleaners otherwise you will put yourself at risk.
6. Some printed items or clothes can have unstable dyes which means if they get wet they can bleed colours.
7. Avoid delay and report the flood sooner rather than later. The longer you wait the more damage can occur.

How long does it take for water damage to dry out properly?

This all depends on how much water was spilt, size of your premises, location and whether you take care of it professionally or not. If neglected water damage can cause serious structural damage to your investment which can be irreversible. This is because materials like concrete can take years to dry out without assistance if saturated. If taken care of the right way with a qualified water restoration technician, a flood restoration job should take no longer than 1 to 2 weeks to restore the structure and materials back to their original state.

How do you file water damage?
  1. Document your flood damage properly and look organised.
  2. Be sure to take photos and videos of your water damage incident. Capture any damage, including structural and/or personal property damage on the inside and outside of your home. Don’t throw anything away before doing this.
  3. Inform your insurance company asap and get confirmation of how they want you to approach things. Don’t do anything without their authorisation unless you are prepared to pay for it yourself.
  4. Use insurance recommended service if they insist and you want them to compensate.
  5. Keep all invoices and receipts involved.
How much does water damage restoration cost?
Obviously, water restoration can differ considerably in price depending on variables. A homeowner or their insurance can pay between $350 to $7,000 for Class 1 to 3 Floods. For most accurate results it is recommended to ask your water damage repair professional to evaluate the extent of the damage once they have assessed the situation. A truly experienced professional will categorise and classify the complete area and therefore be a lot more accurate.

WARNING: If the quote seems too good to be true and the equipment seems inadequate, take caution. Leaving things damp and untreated will backfire on you alone. It will also introduce and will encourage mould to proliferate and cause further primary and secondary damage leading to further expense.


So, are your carpets, floors or any other part of the premises wet from flood or water damage? Secondly have  you battled to find a fully trained member of The IICRC and Coach8? Capital Steam Cleaners certainly have the answers for you and are master’s in emergencies. Call 0420481765!


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I was suitably distressed when my woollen rug was stained by a Shitzu-cross. Capital Steam Cleaners assured me they could fix the problem – and boy, did they deliver! Quick to get job done, responsive to my questions and a joy to deal with. I highly recommend this company and would without hesitation use them again. Thanks Mel and the team at Capital Steam Cleaners – 5 star service in every respect.

Leonardo Di Giacomo

Sean really knows his stuff when it comes to everything in this industry! Sean and Melanie are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Really happy with the price and over the moon with the outcome of the services. Thank you heaps guys, will be calling you in a few months when I get the carpets, leather and tiles done at the new place. Will also be recommending you guys to anyone I know looking for the services you provide. 5 Stars Review

Kate Hart

 Would highly recommend Sean and his team above everyone else. We have a large house which had multiple pet stains and odours on the carpets throughout. Sean explained the process and what options were available, he was punctual and communicated clearly throughout the process.
The house is looking fantastic and the carpets are odour free. Well done Sean 👍 – 5 stars from me and my family. 

Ray Simpson

I used Capital Steam Cleaning to clean the interior of a second hand car I just purchased and re-stretch my bedroom and lounge carpet. Sean’s fabric knowledge combined with what product to use on various stains and surfaces was impressive. The results were truly amazing. He transformed everything back to more than I expected. Great service, punctual and friendly. Highly recommended+++

Roger Davies

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