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Capital Steam Cleaners will remind you of what a couch, sofa or upholstery once looked like bringing it back to life. A healthy makes a difference!
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Your furniture, couch or sofa will always be one of your biggest and most valuable indoor investments. This is why keeping up to date with couch cleaning and maintaining it is a definate requirement. Upholstery is also generally made of fragile materials and it is therefore wise to choose a company you can trust to professionally do the upholstery cleaning and look after it through the duration of it’s lifespan. Having Upholstery or couch cleaners pay you a visit on regular intervals will help to maintain their fresh look and brighten the colours. By extracting all soils and removing those irritating spots and stains you also add that freshened scent to leave the material smelling lovely and healthy.

What we provide with our upholstery cleaning


Capital Steam Cleaners provide couch cleaning Perth can be proud of and nothing less! Whatever couches, sofas or furniture you ask us to take care of in your home or office you can be sure of a thorough and professional upholstery cleaning job done when dealing with our company.

Upholstery CleaningWe also understand that clients differ in their tastes from one to another. Some people demand entirely Eco-friendly upholstery cleaning, whereas others prefer to use what they believe and trust will kill the germs. We are always happy to consult up front to accommodate your best wishes should they differ from our professional choice and as we are very health and safety conscience will also always check for allergies prior to the upholstery cleaning taking place itself.

We must also remind you how thorough Capital Steam Cleaners are which is evident by our couch cleaning Perth reviews. The soil extraction is never done unless your couch, sofa or upholstery has been thoroughly inspected and then vacuumed. Only the top class machinery and equipment along with premium detergents combine to give you the best possible results one would ever wish to receive. With our professional expertise we add the finishing touches to give your couch a thorough, deep-down cleansed scent and our couch cleaning process is now complete.


Our Thorough Upholstery Cleaning Process

  • Full inspection of all upholstery or furniture before any upholstery cleaning takes place
  • Complete Vacuuming process performed
  • Perform stain treatments to any parts of upholstery or furniture if required
  • Pre-Spray using best suited detergents
  • Agitation process to make sure detergents penetrates all areas required
  • Extraction Rinse all furniture involved
  • Air movers if required to speed drying process after upholstery cleaning complete
How much does it cost to have a couch professionally cleaned?
Typically, the cost to have a professional steam clean of a seating position or recliner should be anything from $40 to $60. In this trade you definitely tend to get what you pay for so if you are paying a lot less than generally you are getting a lot less.
How long does it take for couch to dry after cleaning?
The typical dry time for a couch or sofa after cleaning is anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. However, some professionals use fans. This will speed up dry time remarkably pending how long they leave the fan on.
How often should you clean your sofa?
In order to maintain a healthy home and fresh upholstery, your furniture should be professionally cleaned every 18 months. If you have pets or children living with you we recommend on an annual basis.
Should I dry or steam clean my sofa?
If you have a material composite we definitely recommend steam cleaning. Upholstery can be very thick with alot of spills! For this reason a deep penetrating extraction is the best steam cleaning method!
Is upholstery cleaning worth it?
Upholstery cleaning and maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense but it will thoroughly extend lifespan. If you avoid the upkeep the material can become very congested with dust, oils, soil and allergens. This will cost more in the long run as you will be dealing with frequent replacement instead!

You will benefit from looking after your upholstery

Remember, whether upholstery, chairs, furniture or sofas of any kind are used or not they still require maintenance. Body oils from human skin cells or just your regular dust from the air embed themselves into upholstery fibres and can undoubtedly become problematic if neglected. If no upholstery cleaning takes place the oils settle and become more stubborn while the dust continues to sink deeper into the fibres thus making things more difficult to extract. If your maintenance is good and you stay on top looking after furniture with regular upholstery cleaning I have no doubt that you will definitely get your money’s worth out of it in the end.


For Fabulous Furniture or Upholstery Cleaning Second to none get a worthwhile Upholstery Cleaner in Capital Steam Cleaners on +61 420 481765.

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