Tile Cleaning Perth

Tile Cleaning the professional way is not always an easy affair. In fact unless you use fully trained tile cleaners with complete training, knowledge and ability to diagnose what type of tile cleaning process is required they could do a lot more harm than good.

I am sure you noticed if you selected your own tiles for laying or even just walked past a shop selling or displaying tiles what a large variety and how many different styles there are. Some of these tiles react differently to detergents and tile cleaners need to get the best tile cleaning reaction possible otherwise the job could be pointless or even costly. Some tiles are a lot more porous than others or have a different style surfaces which might perhaps make it more difficult to get to and break the shielded dirt. Other tiles can also be much more absorbent and as tile cleaners cannot let the detergents dry out during the tile cleaning process they are restricted to cleaning in small doses at one time and can’t do a bulk tile cleaning job as preferred.

Grout also plays a pivotal part in a tile cleaning experience at the end of the day. This is why professionals traditionally label it tile and grout cleaning and not just tile cleaning. Tiles with extremely corroded grout cannot be steam cleaned properly as the tile cleaners run a risk of getting the Detergents trapped underneath the tiles during the tile cleaning process. As Tile and Grout cleaning Detergents are normally extremely powerful they must be fully diluted and vacuumed away at the end of the day and were they to get under the tiles they would certainly continue to work there and corrode the tiles from underneath.

The Grout between the Tiles can also come in a variety of shades. No matter what shade grout you have however we know that over time most grout will turn Black if not maintained and in all truth this is not a shade many people enjoy. Your grout is generally the first part of your tiled floor to indicate or show signs of a tile and grout cleaning process becoming necessary. Kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and of course your main traffic areas is where the most dust accumulates in the grout pores. People get very frustrated with their mop and bucket techniques becoming totally ineffective as the mop glides over the top of and cannot penetrate these pores and indentations. The facts are simple if you want to do the tile and grout cleaning job yourself, hard core toothbrushes, brilliant detergents, a knee mat and hours and hours of time are going to produce the best results you yourself can achieve.

With our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process Capital Steam Cleaners may also make use of specialist advanced treatments in problematic areas. Neglected soap scum and excess moisture can cause calcium build up and even mildew or moulds which is exceedingly difficult to remove completely, if at all. General tile cleaning can be totally ineffective on these areas as mildew is a fungus and the detergents must be exceedingly powerful to destroy and remove the fungus completely. Remember you can damage your tiles if the tile and grout cleaning process used involves an acidic product that is to powerful especially if sealants are involved in areas. You also have carpets and other factors to consider when working with tile cleaning products. Effective tile and grout cleaning products will bleach carpet fibres instantly as well as damage other surfaces if they come into contact with them directly.

Capital Steam Cleaners are confident no matter what tile cleaning job and it’s challenges you give us to take on we will satisfy your needs and come out top every time. We have all the Knowledge, Knowhow and experience required in the Tile and Grout Cleaning industry which puts us in a league of our own.

Capital Steam Cleaners, Your Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialists.