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When taking care of water damage, structural drying and carpet drying are key elements.
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Expert Structural Drying Services

When taking care of water damage or structural drying why dry the whole room if it’s not necessary? As part of our repertoire, we use Target heat flood drying matsdrying. This is used to specifically target only that affected area. By adding heat to that saturated area, we add energy to the surface and due to this it will dry a lot faster. We believe by targeting the energy to only the areas that are wet onsite, target heat drying is a lot more successful.

When a water restorer attends to dry an area, room, wall, concrete sub-floor, timber floor or a small area, most are all using the same drying methods. This is quite simply because most may not understand how to dry it using targeted heat drying. Either this or they may not be prepared to invest in the equipment. Generally, your standard water restorer will set up a dehumidifier and some carpet fans to blow across the areas onsite. Following this it’s generally regulation to return in a few days and hope that things have dried out adequately. Most water restorers are also not even inclined to check the structure or timber frame to monitor progression.

Why use our structural drying services?

Water can soak internally more than 20 centimetres into porous (hygroscopic) building materials like drywall construction, and even concrete supports, flooring & framework in an extremely short space of time.

This water ingress can also collect and hide in unexpected places after water damage or a flood These areas include the bottom sill plates of walls, cavities, under cabinets and doors. Of course there might even be several layers of different materials that are soaked. Nowadays property owners need to think about thoroughly drying the entire structure.

water target dryingWith Masonite floors, gyprock wall and medium density fibreboard skirting, it is advisable to use a professional moisture meter with probes that penetrate the skirting and take measurements beyond reach. Beyond belief, your most popular centrifugal air movers are not ideal for structural drying. We use the best fans for structural drying and these are called axial fans, The reason these are as effective as they are is because they push the air lower and further than a centrifugal air mover.

Our accredited group of technicians are fully trained and recognised by many including The IICRC. When it comes to water restoration and structural drying our company has all the required certification. We take care of both domestic and commercial work and the components that make up their structural integrity. Capital Restoration Cleaners are adamant we have the most effective control measures to stabilise our environment. We use this to our advantage when assessing the moisture and climate from the hidden implications water damage can cause. Water flows from a high concentration to a low concentration which is why it seemingly moves into undetected areas. If neglected this easy leads to secondary damage, possibly causing problems like mould and fungi development. These problems escalate and can be extremely problematic in the future.

What is structural drying?

Structural drying is the process of removing excessive moisture from the elements of a structure until they’re back to their dry standard.

How long does it take before mould sets in on wet surfaces?

Mould growth can start to grow on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours. They reproduce by spores which are tiny, lightweight seeds. These are extremely versatile and travel through the air continuously. Moulds also digest organic materials and will eventually destroy the material they grow on. After this they then spread to destroy adjacent organic material.

Will dehumidifier dry out damp walls?

There are numerous reasons why your property walls or floors might be damp. In most cases using a standard dehumidifier by itself will only slightly reduce relative humidity and will not solve the problem you are dealing with by itself. Vapour drying or ventilation are massive assistants when it comes to water damage restoration.

How long does it take for water damage to dry out properly?

This all depends on how much water was spilt, size of your premises, location and whether you take care of it professionally or not. If neglected water damage can cause serious structural damage to your investment which can be irreversible. This is because materials like concrete can take years to dry out without assistance if saturated. If taken care of the right way with a qualified water restoration technician, a flood restoration job should take no longer than 1 to 2 weeks to restore the structure and materials back to their original state.

Does turning the heating on help damp areas at all?

Heat your home to a reasonable level of warmth to avoid damp building up in winter. If you don’t want to heat your entire home, keep the doors shut on unheated rooms. Wash clothes that have been wet during your disaster and remember you carpets will also need to be cleaned thoroughly.

What happens if water damage is left untreated by a professional?

Untreated water damage can cause severe health and structural problems. This includes things like mould infestation, fungal spores, bacterial growth, warping, cracking. The impact of water damage can be devastating, so it is essential to treat the area as soon as possible.

Does your insurance cover water damage in your house?

Most standard home insurance policies will attend to or cover sudden or accidental damage. This holds true for water related damage as well. So, while burst pipes and water damage caused by natural disasters would probably be covered under your policy, gradual water damage may not be. This is where regular maintenance must be considered, and neglect must be seriously avoided.


Get in touch with Capital Restoration Cleaners for all your water damage needs. We respond immediately and will book you in straight away. From drying out wet buildings following water damage, to full commercial or residential property refurbishment.

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I was suitably distressed when my woollen rug was stained by a Shitzu-cross. Capital Steam Cleaners assured me they could fix the problem – and boy, did they deliver! Quick to get job done, responsive to my questions and a joy to deal with. I highly recommend this company and would without hesitation use them again. Thanks Mel and the team at Capital Steam Cleaners – 5 star service in every respect.

Leonardo Di Giacomo

Sean really knows his stuff when it comes to everything in this industry! Sean and Melanie are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Really happy with the price and over the moon with the outcome of the services. Thank you heaps guys, will be calling you in a few months when I get the carpets, leather and tiles done at the new place. Will also be recommending you guys to anyone I know looking for the services you provide. 5 Stars Review

Kate Hart

 Would highly recommend Sean and his team above everyone else. We have a large house which had multiple pet stains and odours on the carpets throughout. Sean explained the process and what options were available, he was punctual and communicated clearly throughout the process.
The house is looking fantastic and the carpets are odour free. Well done Sean 👍 – 5 stars from me and my family. 

Ray Simpson

I used Capital Steam Cleaning to clean the interior of a second hand car I just purchased and re-stretch my bedroom and lounge carpet. Sean’s fabric knowledge combined with what product to use on various stains and surfaces was impressive. The results were truly amazing. He transformed everything back to more than I expected. Great service, punctual and friendly. Highly recommended+++

Roger Davies

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