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Welcome to our Perth Rug Cleaning Service! We are rug cleaning specialists in Perth. To make life easier for you we can organise rug pick up and delivery if required!


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Rug Cleaning Service


Rug Cleaning SpecialistWith regards to rug cleaning most people ask the same questions! Is my rug worth cleaning or should it be replaced? How much does rug cleaning cost and is it worth it? How does a rug cleaning service work and do they offer rug cleaning pickup and delivery? Let’s consider it’s a standard rug cleaning process required. The rug is not to valuable so consider hiring a rug cleaning professional or mobile carpet steam cleaner or even replace.

If on the other hand you have a sentimental rug of unique or delicate composition it’s different.

Wool, silk, cotton, Turkish, Berber, Chinese, any woven rugs or similar constituents your best solution is what we call a rug cleaning pit wash. This process is thorough yet careful and done purely by fully trained rug cleaning service technicians using specialist equipment.


Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs especially need to be washed deep down. All other rug cleaning methods leave behind soil and residue that can create damage to the fibers. That means these rugs should never be cleaned quickly in your house.

This is why they need to be sent out to a specialist rug washing facility. If wool is not properly maintainted excessive soil can accumulate in the fibers before it begins to look dull and dirty. This is when the thorough pit wash for your rug is the only way toremove the congestion and extract the unwanted from the rug pile. Our Rug Cleaning Service Provides this!

Silk and Cotton rugs can also be washed. Silk especially, is extremely tempremental so only a specialist should be trusted with such a rug cleaning job. There are also a wide range of natural fibers (viscose, jute, viscose, hemp, sisal ect.) that only an experienced or skilled rug cleaners would identify how best to clean. The can also monitor or depict custom blend rug creations that use multiple fibers for the same rug.

Common sense should lead you to believe the best source of a decent rug cleaning specialist is word of mouth or a referral from someone you know and trust. Your rugs can sometimes be extremely expensive. For this reason if you are in anyway worried about your selected rug cleaning company, make the effort to drop the rugs off yourself. If this is inconvenient, visit the facility prior to collection so you see and feel comfortable the rug cleaners you are using are exactly who want to use!

Our Rug Cleaning Process: 

  • When we first confront a customers rug the first thing we do is evaluate and check condition!
  • All the loose soil or dust must then be dislodged from the rug prior to rug washing
  • All the loose soil or dust must then be dislodged from the rug prior to rug washing                         
  • After this we place your rug in the water pit to be washed or decontaminated if a specialist rug cleaning procedure is required  
  • After rug cleaning we then place it into our centrifuge for high volume rinse and spin dry  
  • Your prized rug will then be treated with an acid to prevent browning  
  • It with then be properly groomed and re-inspected  
  • Finally the rug will go into our rug drying area to be professionally dried 


Rug Cleaning ServiceOur rug cleaning service only works with professionals who are experienced, fully trained and equipped to handle just about any type of rug and nearly any type of stain. Obviously delicate and expensive rugs can have a very low tolerence level which must always be considered. When dealing with urine and decontamination dyes can react to rug cleaning specialist treatments. The rug could also have already been chemically damaged by urine or other acids.

Please remember for your convenience our rug cleaning service offers rug cleaning pick up and delivery if required! This rug cleaning pick up and delivery is obviously only if it is a rug cleaning pit washrequired! This of course allows you to boast that the rug cleaning service is near me!


If You are looking for Rug Cleaning Specialists in Perth call Capital Steam Cleaners on 0420481765!

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