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Professional Domestic & Commercial Steam Cleaning Services Available to Perth, WA

Capital Steam Cleaners have access to all the latest and up to date tips, techniques and equipment available. This ensures that you are in the most reliable hands possible when having a professional job done. We only ever select the best method possible in our opinion to clean your carpets, upholstery, tile and grout or leather and the time and effort put into the job always illustrates how particular we are about getting the job right the first time.

At present Capital Steam Cleaners are one of the only companies in Perth who have a full Google local review rating of nothing short of the maximum 5 stars. This is all due to what our customers think, say and have posted regarding their experience with the professional service we provide and the results we have achieved with the jobs done for them as a whole.

Remember the carpet cleaning industry is un-regulated and training or examination of trade skills is on a volunteer basis only. This has resulted in numerous people entering the trade with ease to make quick money in cleaning carpets, upholstery and tiles without the responsibility of consequences regarding the work carried out! While training is available both from the private sector and Government qualified framework certification training modules Less than 10% of Carpet Cleaners nationwide take up training and examination. Capital Steam Cleaners Stands firmly behind this training and examination and is a member of an Association who try to encourage the training immensely to save the reputation of our trade and what we feel are the rights of all customers out there.

Capital Steam Cleaners are an extremely confident company with a brilliant reputation, immeasurable training and endless experience. For this very reason we’re saying to you please make sure you have assessed the job accurately within 24-48 hours and if you are not 100% satisfied with the work we have performed in your home or office, please contact us ‘within this time period’ and we will rectify the problem at no additional charge. Unfortunately we have to restrict you to this time period as new spillages and stains are created and could occur everyday! Please also note however, because of the way we charge, our 100% satisfaction guarantee is only completely valid if the customer has chosen to accept and go with the technicians recommended advice and treatments. Capital Steam Cleaners can not guarantee a job where the customer makes any effort to make decisions with regards to the way we do our work or cut short necessary time or costs in anyway. This could prevent giving us the opportunity to perform to the best of our ability and produce what we deem to be our best results possible. We also ask customers to please prepare for our arrival by organising and relocating furniture appropriately if required.  Moving furniture around can be time consuming and thus cost you money as we charge on an hourly rate. Due to the risks when moving items around, if you choose to ask us to help, unfortunately we cannot accept any responsibility for any damages that may occur and ask you to appreciate our help at completely your own risk.

Please also realise we will always put in 100% effort but every item we work on has its own tolerance level. When working on a particular item we cannot exceed these tolerance levels with the strength of our detergents and treatments for fear of doing damage to materials involved. When a spillage or mishap occurs we do recommend we are contacted within 7 to 10 days to take care of the situation. A fresh mishap is generally not problematic however the longer things are left, the more stubborn they become and thus more difficult they are to dislodge. If neglected for too long or if unprofessional attempts have been made by an individual to take care of the mishap themselves these stains can settle permanently and require a treatment that the material will not tolerate. In this case we may have to label the damage permanent for fear of dislodging original dyes with the required treatments we would have to use.

It is also wise to have items like your carpets and upholstery steam cleaned professionally at least once a year. Not maintaining your products will lead to faster wear and tear and shorten lifespan significantly. Unfortunately no matter how good or experienced a carpet cleaner claims they may be there is no professional out there capable of removing every mark out of any material without doing any damage. We’ll always put in the best effort we can to get the best results possible using our full training and experience but understand at present we still are restricted to working with a metal wand and not a magic wand.

As premier Perth Carpet Cleaners we stand firm behind our word with our guarantee as being a part of our commitment to our customers, and we welcome all comments to help us increase customer satisfaction in anyway should you have any ideas.

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