Odour and Mould Removal

Our Odour and Mould Remediation processes are the most effective available


Carpet Cleaners PerthAs a lot of us will be well and truly aware of bacteria has an extremely reliable tendency to carry a terrible scent. Carpets and Upholstery are the best filters that a house or building has for capturing bacteria. That alone is a good reason to incorporate a consistent extraction and spotting program to ensure a clean and healthy environment for all to live in.

Carpets can hide soil, up to one kg per square metre. Don’t wait for the carpets to look dirty and smell terrible before you clean. Not only has the damage has been done with sand particles cutting fibres and causing permanent damage but the smell can become very embarrassing and be very unhealthy to breathe. A carpet or upholstery cleaning program will give you more control over dealing with dirty materials that cause damage, germs and malodours in carpets.

Remember most bacteria is airborne, so it is absolutely impossible to keep out of our living environment completely. When Capital Steam Cleaners do take care of odour removal we use only the most high quality equipment and techniques!

Mould Removal and Remediation

Capital Steam Cleaners are experts in the field of mould removal. Our experts have received industry leading training and have access to cutting edge technology, so they can quickly, professionally and thoroughly handle any mould problem.

Mould is everywhere. It can grow indoors and outdoors and it can appear on almost any surface that has been wet for more than 24 hours. Mould spores travel through the air including through heating and air conditioning systems. At any given time you could likely have mould spores on your clothes and body. These spores are typically harmless, but once they make contact with water they can grow and quickly form colonies that allow them to thrive and spread.

Mould Damage PerthMould can trigger allergies, cause breathing problems and lead to much more serious health problems. There is also no such thing as complete mould removal. It is impossible to remove microscopic mould spores from everything. Even if you were able to completely remove all mould spores from your home they would quickly return through an open door, or from you or a pet going outdoors. The trick is to keep those mould spores from growing. This process is known as mould remediation.

Mould remediation is a multi-step process where any existing mould colonies are destroyed and thus dissipates. Remember the moisture source that is allowing the mould to thrive must definitely be attended to and corrected otherwise the problem will quite simply return.

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