Mattress and Rug Cleaning Perth

Bed bugs and other parasitic insects thrive in an enviroment where materials are not maintained properly. A regular clean is a neccesity to remove anything that may encourage them to make your home theirs. 

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Mattress Cleaning in Perth

As cleaning specialists with nearly two decades in the industry, there is one thing we know for certain: most mattresses contain dust mites and allergens! No matter how often you change your sheets or vacuum your mattress, there is no way you can completely rid your bed of the debris that Mattress Cleaningaccumulates through regular usage. Since we spend a good portion of our lives on our mattresses, a variety of organic materials including dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and other matter build up over time. This can trigger a host of health issues, including allergies and respiratory problems.

At Capital Steam Cleaners our technicians have been carefully trained in the science of mattress cleaning. We use only 100% natural cleansers and green techniques that have been proven effective at removing harmful allergens, dust, pollen and other contaminants from your mattress. A family-run-and-operated cleaning service, Capital Steam Cleaners proudly serves all of Perth and the surrounding communities.

We must also remember that mattresses are generally made of delicate materials for comfort purposes. For this very reason an experienced technician like Capital Steam Cleaners ids a definite requirement to do the job. A Mattress can be expensive and permanent damage occurs easily if the technician you choose is to aggressive or uses an inadequate technique to clean.

Dust MitesOur Basic Technique

    1. Loose soil is removed with our vacuuming process
    2. We then take care of surface spots and stains using our advanced stain treatment
    3. Your mattress is the pre-sprayed making sure not to over wet
    4. Capital Steam Cleaners then treat your mattress to a deep steam cleaning process to
      remove all debris
    5. Finally, your mattress is rinsed to get rid of residual allergens and dirt. This process
      restores your bed to make it refreshed and comfy again!

Rug Cleaning in Perth

Rug Cleaning PerthOur Professional Rug Steam Cleaning process is one of the deepest and high quality rug cleaning techniques you will find out there. While there are simple steps you can take at home to maintain your rugs, these are risky and can do permanent damage yet nothing beats a professional clean. At Capital Steam Cleaners, we have all the experience and are fully equipped to care for any type of rugs you have. From Synthetic to Natural, Oriental to Persian, cowhide, sheepskin, kilims and more, this is why we feel confident that we are the premiere rug cleaning company for you.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the work we have performed in your home or office, please contact us within 24 hours of the clean, and we will rectify the problem at no additional charge.

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