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Cleaning and Conditioning of your leather regularly is crucial for it's upkeep and extends the lifespan significantly.
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Leather cleaning and conditioning can definately not be a steam cleaning process at all. In fact if any type of steam cleaning is applied to genuine leather it will probably permanently damage the product we are dealing with. For this reason if anyone people claiming to be a professional leather cleaners pulls out a soil extractor to do the job don’t let them near your products at all. Leather Cleaning and ConditioningThere are many different types of leather on the market today like Aniline, Pigmented and Nubuck. Most of these leather types are fairly durable. If leather is well looked after and maintained by professional leather cleaners it can last a life time. Leather cleaning is not a process we recommend you do yourselves unfortunately as there are special products and techniques required to do the leather cleaning job properly. We realise this can sometimes be difficult as many different products can be made of leather. Anything from the furniture in your home, to the seats in your car, the jacket hanging in your wardrobe to the shoes in your cupboard. Even a ladies favourite hand bag or wallet may start to look a bit grubby and require leather cleaning. We are leather cleaners who will do the leather cleaning job no matter what the item you request be done. Having us around to do a job allows us not only to do the leather cleaning itself but to teach you some of the facts about leather. We show you how to maintain and look after it in an attempt to extend it’s lifespan. It is for example extremely bad to have your leather anywhere in direct sunlight as it fades. If for some reason your leather gets wet never try and dry it fast otherwise you can damage the shape. Always keep leather away from heaters and leathers must always have a protectant on it which is applied during our leather cleaning process.

Our Leather Cleaning and Leather Protection Process

  1. Before any Leather Cleaning takes place a thorough inspection is done
  2. We are now familiar with what we are dealing with and have identified the leather
  3. A pre-test is always carried out to check the colourfastness
  4. Our premium solution is applied and dwells breaking down dirt, grease and grime
  5. Leather Cleaning Warrants a special massaging technique which is now introduced
  6. Leather must always dry before anything else is added
  7. The Leather can now be nourished with leather our special protection cream
  8. Finally the buffer stage really bring leather back to life giving it a shiny, restored look
  9. The leather cleaning process is now complete and the leather must dry thoroughly

Leather Repair Perth

Keep all your leather looking great and give it the care and maintenance it deserves and it will look after you forever. We recommend Leather cleaning your furniture at least every 18 months to stay on top of all the dirt and oils that may settle. Remember leather can be very porous so there is plenty of opportunity for unwanted dirt and oils to settle. Neglecting your leather and not inviting leather cleaners around to do regular your leather cleaning will definitely have a negative effect in the long term. Your leather is not only at risk of looking grubby but cracking and fading as well.

Capital Steam Cleaners, your number one leather cleaners are just around the corner. Give us a call to get the full treatment you leather deserves.

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