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Leather Cleaners and Cleaning, Conditioning regularly and leather repair is crucial for upkeep and extends lifespan.
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Leather Cleaning of Couch

Why not ask professional leather cleaners to refurbish your luxurious leather lounges, chairs and sofas and bring back that original look and feel in minimum time?

It’s no myth, your leather couches and chairs can be cleaned, conditioned and protected in a matter of hours onsite at your premises. Modern day the range of leather and furnishing that can be cleansed is extensive, and ranges from household, hospitality and commercial furniture, to auto and marine leather finishes.

Our professional Leather Cleaners are fully trained in cleaning and protecting all varieties of leather. Our Leather Cleaning Process also expands beyond the normal. We are capable of catering for all temperamental leather cleaning experiences as well. This involves Aniline Leather, Semi-Aniline Leather, Nubuck leather and Full Grain Leather. Then there is your most common leather cleaning offered on general Protected or what we call Pigmented Leather.

Regular cleaning, maintenance and protection to your leather furniture, sofas or couches will not only help protect the leather hyde from stains or damage, but also safeguard a warranty and extend lifespan. Most types of dust, oils or soiling will not only affect the look of your leather lounge but can actually damage the integrity of the leather as well. Remember, sweat especially, can cause distortion or damage to your leather lounge suite as a whole. Persperation contains body oils, fatty acids and enzymes which inturn can cause issues with the protective seal applied. This will stain your leather topcoat and can be problematic!

Regardless of the age or wear and tear your leather couch or leather chairs may yield, our professional deep leather cleaning procedure will inject life back into that favourite chair or leather sofa.

Remember the current time is the best time to have your leather cleaned, disinfected and sanitised.


Leather Cleaners Maintenance or Cleaning Leather Lounges To Help You!

  • Always keep your leather furniture, leather couch or leather sofa out of direct sunlight. Uv rays or radiation can accelerate colour fade and cause permanent damage to pigmentation.
  • Leather is a natural fibres therefore extreme heat can also be problematic. Try keep leather in shaded area so and as far away from heaters as possible.
  • Due to the porosity of some types of leather, they are more susceptible to staining than others when cleaned, and it is therefore important that qualified technicians and specialised leather cleaning products are used.
  • Due to it’s nature Leather is not pet friendly. Pet and their Claws can damage and even tear holes in the leather finish. It is therefore advisable to cut your pet’s nails if they reside within the
    perimeters of your leather furniture.
  • Permanant Markers, Ink, paint and nail varnish remover should not be used near your leather sofa or leather furniture.
  • Avoid leaving or working with sharp objects on leather lounges.
  • Leather is very susceptible to mould and permanant damage with excessive moisture.
  • Avoid eating and drinking on your leather furniture, sofa or couch.
    If spillages do occur absorb immediately with cotton towel.
How much does it cost to get a leather couch cleaned?
A professional cleaning for a full-size leather sofa will typically cost between $60 and $90 per seating position depending on the size of the sofa and the type of leather. A leather sofa is an investment, so you’ll want yours to last for years to come. Don’t go cheap as leather is fragile, expensive and can permanently damage easily.
Can leather seats be repaired?
If you’ve got damage, scratches or cracks in your leather seats, you may be wondering whether you can have them repaired. Fortunately, this is our speciality and we’ll help you restore or salvage any leather furniture or leather with sentimental value.
How do I maintain My Leather?
In between our professional leather clean and conditioning application we recommend you vacuum dust and if you have to wipe with a slightly damp microfibre cloth. No moisture for Nubuck or Aniline. Eventually the porous areas of your leather lounge will congest with oils and soils again and if you want to extend the lifespan while making it is well worth looking into a professional option.
How regularly do I get my leather cleaned?
Leather is fairly durable but we thoroughly recommend a professional leather cleaning, condition and protection every 18 months to 2 years. If you have children and pets consider doing it more regularly.
Why does leather furniture peel?
Bonded leather furniture has a separate layer or additive on the top to give it colour and a different finish. This tends to peel more often along with the fact that the Hyde may be a little dry, cracked or damaged.

Because your leather is now looking great give it the care and maintenance it deserves and it will look after you forever. Remember we recommend a Leather cleaner come round and take care of your furniture at least every 18 months. This way you stay on top of all the dirt and oils that may settle in a very porous and absorbant fibre. Also bear in mind neglecting your leather and not inviting leather cleaners around to do regular your leather cleaning will definitely have a negative effect in the long term. Your leather protection wear away and is not only at risk of looking grubby but cracking and fading as well.

Having Capital Steam Cleaners around as leather cleaners perth specialists allows you the opportunity to get the job done properly and us the chance to teach you facts relavent to products. 

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