How often do you need to get your carpets cleaned?
On average we recommend carpet cleaning at least once a year. The traffic through your house, whether you have animals, your location in Perth and how well you maintain with vacuuming can all contribute to how often you need to get your carpets cleaned.
Why should I not clean my own carpets?

Your Carpets are made of fragile materials and unless you have the knowledge and equipment you could do more harm than good if trying to do your own carpet cleaning

What can I buy out of a shop to clean my carpets?

Nothing! No off the shelf products ever have the ability to do what they say when it comes to carpet cleaning. These products are actually making an attempt to bury the stain deeper in and hide it so you believe it has been removed so you are actually rubbing it in not rubbing it out.

So what can I do in between your visits if I do have small spills?

Click on our maintenance tips button and follow our advice. This is definitely no substitution for our professional cleans but it will steer you away from the con products that do more harm than good.

What areas do you service?

With carpet cleaning we service all Perth Northern Suburbs and with bigger tile cleaning jobs we are prepared to travel longer distances.

How often do I need to clean my upholstery?

You should get upholstery cleaning just as often as you get carpet cleaning if you want to live in a healthy environment.

What protectant can I put on my upholstery?

We put Rhino Shield protective sealant on your upholstery and carpet fibres which does will allow the spillage the time or ability to penetrate and be absorbed by the materials nearly as easily.

Do Capital Steam Cleaners vacuum prior to carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning?

Capital Steam Cleaners will always vacuum with an industrial vacuum prior to doing the professional steam clean as the majority of the soil removed is loose soil in among the fibres anyway. By using cyclone heads we can remove a lot of soil during this procedure. A lot of other companies won’t bother with this at all!

How do we know a good carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and leather cleaning company from a bad one?

The Company must have two things: Always check google reviews from companies past customers. A company with bad or no reviews has nothing to be proud of. Check the company technician is fully qualified member of the carpet cleaning ass of WA.

What do I do with all my furniture during a carpet clean?

As we work on a time schedule it is advised you try and move as much of your furniture out of our pass as possible and make the job as free flowing as it can be. Beds don’t need to be moved as we have a long shaft wand which has the same sort of reach as a vacuum. We clean around furniture easily though it’s much easier to clean a vacant room.

Will my tough stains come out?

We have done our advanced stain treat courses and if there is any chance it will come out we will get it out. We can obviously only work with the tolerance level of the carpet. The longer you’ve neglected and more stubborn your stain is the stronger the treatment it requires. If we predict the treatment will be to powerful for the carpet we have to label the stain permanent rather than risk bleaching or damaging the carpet fibres in anyway.

What are you’re working hours

We work Monday to Friday’s during the week from 08:00am-17:00pm

How long does it take carpets and upholstery to dry after a thorough carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning job has been done?

Normally it takes a synthetic carpet 4-6 hours and natural fibred carpets about 6-8 hours to dry. Upholstery can take an extra two hours on both because it’s thicker. Remember you can speed drying processes up significantly with Air-con’s, ceiling fans etc.

Do you do dry cleaning as well?

We do dry cleaning as well if preferred or requested for a fast dry. We do Encapsulation dry cleaning which we believe to be the most effective type of dry cleaning. We believe encap is a lot more effective than normal bonnet dry cleaning as the solvents used encapsulate themselves around the dirt which causes the soil to loose it’s bond to fibres. Once dry the encapsulated soil is vacuumed away easily.