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Commercial Carpet CleaningA business carpet normally sees a lot more traffic than a residential one. Also generally people are not as static in an office and walk back and forth throughout the day. Because of this they unintentionally bring in evidence of where they’ve been on the soles of their shoes. This can cause odor and affect the aesthetics of your workplace instigating wear and tear as well. Staying on top of this with regular business carpet cleaning is priority!

Capital Steam Cleaners offer all Professional Business, Office or Commerial Carpet Cleaning Services Perth requires! As a Fully Qualified and active member of a Local Carpet Cleaning Association that does not let you join unless you are fully trained and have proven your status, you can trust the job to the professionals with Capital Steam Cleaners. We have done all necessary courses and passed with flying colours, not only local but abroad as well and we carry this experience around with us from job to job.

When people engage with a commercial carpet cleaning company they should expect a certain level of service. They should at least expect the business to sound technically equip have staff perform nothing short of professionally. At Capital Steam Cleaners we aren’t just experienced with residential carpet and furniture cleaning but commercial carpet and furniture cleaning as well. We have been in the commercial carpet cleaning trade for over 15 years now which makes us veterans in the trade. Capital Steam Cleaners pride themselves on professionalism, high quality training the best detergents on the market and our team members reflect that pride in the job they do.

The number of different commercial, business or office carpet cleaning services offered by Capital Steam Cleaners to suit your needs are endless! These range from a basic dry cleaning treatment right through to the premium stream carpet cleaning treatment. Generally commercial carpets have a lot of thoroughfare so our recommendation is our steam cleaning package which includes a pre-clean inspection, pre-clean treatment and full spot removal followed by our powerful truck mounted steam extraction. Air blowers are sometimes use to speed up dry times!

Where do You Go To Do Commercial Cleaning?

We do commercial carpet cleaning work for all commercial places ranging from corporate offices, warehouses, retail stores right through to schools, day care centres and old aged homes. We are very health and safety conscious and our training, skills and abilities mean we can get rid of your worst stains and restore your dirtiest traffic areas!

What type of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

We offer Advanced Commercial Dry Cleaning(to minimise downtime at your work place) or Advanced Carpet Steam Cleaning for a more effective clean we use Eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe cleaning materials. We also offer restoration services for water damaged or mould ridden carpets and can remove stains from all varieties of fabric.

How much will a commercial carpet cleaner cost me?

Commercial carpet cleaning by a true professional has an average cost between $2.00 and $3.50 per square metre. This depends a lot on the cleaning methods required and the place it is being implemented. Moving furniture around and time of day can also play it’s part in charge as we must definitely consider people moving around and commuting when working.

Why do my carpets looks worse after cleaning?

There are various reasons as to why your carpet looks worse after a cleaner has finished. Sometimes they don’t dry fast enough and watermarks arise. Other times a dry cleaner may leave a lot of residues in there. Sometimes due to no acid rinse brown patches called wickback can arise. In all of these instances there is no need to panic. A commercial carpet is generally fairly hardcore. We can easily take care of this for you and get your carpets back to pristine condition with a specialist treatment.

What is the best time of year to get Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Summer is definitely our ideal recommended choice! The heat helps dry the carpet pile faster after the clean! In winter, due to the rain, it can be humid. We use an extremely powerful Truckmount so our extraction steam cleaning process is more than significant. If a cleaner leaves your carpets in an overly damp state due to inadequate extraction mould can set in due to lack of ventilation under the carpet.

Commercial, Office or Business Chair Steam Cleaning

Remember office chairs can also be steam cleaned and restored to look brand new. It is a very similar steam cleaning process used to accommodate ones favourite daily office chair. This process can definitely be a lot cheaper than a re-purchase and our results are second to none! In alot of offices people spend most of the day sitting in their office chair. Removing body oils and dirt can extend lifespan excessively.


For all your commercial carpet cleaning needs across Perth, Western Australia give Capital Steam Cleaners a call! We don’t cut corners and are a trusted and guaranteed service providing an unrivalled carpet clean. Call our friendly team on 0420481765 or request a free quote.

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