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Carpet Repairs Perth


Carpet Repair PerthCarpet Repairs are a more specialist area of our trade. The fact that we are able to do this type of work means Capital Steam Cleaners are highly trained, experienced, veterens and have the confidence to take care of any carpet repair. This includes large to small patch carpet repairs right through to a sun damage or seam splits. In most of these cases if your carpet  has suffered damage you can replace the affected area with what we call a bonded insert of the same carpet. These inserts replace  the unsightly damage to make the carpet more picturesque.

A bonded insert or carpet repair is completed by neatly cutting out the damaged area, and replacing it with that identical or similar carpet patch. As carpet are generally discontinued after one and a half years your best option is using a left-over off-cut from the original carpet pile. If there isn’t any spare carpet available, don’t panic!!! Capital Steam Cleaners will always have a solution. Our experience will still leave you with options that I’m sure you did’nt even realise were available to you.


Bleach Spot or Bleach Mark Repair


Spot Dye Carpet Capital Steam Cleaners are your local Carpet Bleach Spot Dyeing experts. Everyone at some time has experienced those unsightly bleach marks that appear from household bleach, nail vanish remover, chemical spills etc Once your dyes are removed from the carpet fibres no cleaning technique will improve these unsightly dilemmas. This is why most people think they are there to stay for the lifespan of the carpet. Well the great news is, they don’t have to be! We carry our magic wand and can re-dye these areas colour matching those spots back to their original state again. Because of our expertise here no costly carpet replacements are required, hence we can save you a lot of money!


Carpet Stretching


Carpet stretching by Capital Steam Cleaners is becoming more popular with our services every day. This is because our technique is a very cost-effective way to return your carpet to it’s former glory and get rid of those unsightly ripples. Many carpets today are installed improperly and with inadequate tools to do the job correctly. Not only this alot of carpet installers cut time to save money for themselves. We don’t think its right that they put profits before people, which is one of the main reasons we have added this service to our company. They are counting on your lack of knowledge and not knowing what a properly installed carpet looks like. Hence why we have added the professional carpet stretching service to our services.

How Long Does the Carpet Dyeing Process Take?

This all depends on the cause, damage and carpet pile! Stain removal and bleach spot repair (bleach spot) can be pretty quick thanks to our experience and extensive training. Carpet dyeing is however definitely considered speciality work! We need to professionally inspect and analyse the situation and work out if the carpet fibres need to be neutralised. It’s after our inspection stage we can be accurate with the time required to do the job.

Can all Types of Carpet be Dyed?

Unfortunately, not. Some synthetic carpets are made of plastic. These do not have dyes sites which means they will not accept our dyes. These normally include Polypropylene, Olefin and Polyester carpets. You can easily mail us a couple of carpet fibres if you are not sure and of the content of your carpet pile and we’ll confirm if carpet dyeing is an option.

How Long Does it Take to Dry after Carpet Dyeing?

Our carpet dye is colourfast and tends to dry almost immediately so you can walk on the carpet right away. The Carpet pile however may be damp when we leave due to the fact that it has just been cleaned. Our high quality extraction allows your carpet to dry out fairly quickly after we leave however.

Why Choose Carpet Dyeing?

Carpet Dyeing saves home owners, tenants and contractors a great amount of money. It allows people the opportunity to fix bleach spots or stains and even completely change the colour of their carpet if damaged or faded. Our dyeing process will always be cheaper than carpet replacement.

Are the dyes child and pet friendly?

Undoubtedly! The dyes we use are completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odour free. This means they are completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

Our company has several years of experience in providing specialised carpet repairing solutions throughout Perth. Our well-trained team of experts is equipped with advanced equipment and uses effective techniques to provide the best carpet repairing service Perth can ever expect.

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Our training is endless and to the highest level in just about every department in our industry. This is illustrated by the fact that we are fully entitled to display the woolsafe emblem on our site and thus recommended by manufacturers!

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Geoff Lundt
Geoff Lundt
11:37 19 Apr 20
Wow, Absolutely blown away by the job done by this company during the week! Won't use anyone other than Capital Steam... Cleaners from now on!!read more
Linda Warner
Linda Warner
05:36 15 Mar 20
Absolutely outstanding service and high quality finish! If I could give Capital Steam Cleaners more stars I would!!!... With a new puppy, you can imagine the little gifts and accidents on my carpet and unfortunately my sofas. The job today was amazing, faultless and best quality. Will recommend to all that need this service. Big thumbs UP!!! Thank you. P.S Don't use the cheap companies that promise the world because they just do not deliver, found this out the hard way!!read more
Lizette Fourie
Lizette Fourie
23:44 05 Mar 20
Sean has helped us out with flood damage at our office and was upfront with costs. He had to deal with difficulties re... access to the office for his equipment, but he just did want was needed to get the job done. During enquiries with other providers, it was clear that there was a few big companies out there that will over charge and not get the job done more
Rose Turnbull
Rose Turnbull
12:08 28 Nov 19
I have had my carpet cleaned many of times but nothing compares to Capital Steam Cleaning. My carpet looks brand new.... Attention to detail and a very professional service is rare to come by these days so I am happy to say I will be using these guys every more
Tina Downes
Tina Downes
02:56 13 Oct 19
Brilliant Results by Sean at Capital Steam Cleaners. My mother proved me wrong again when she booked his services for... me! You get what you pay for, and although Sean was slightly more expensive you can definitely see why. He was here three times longer than my first two cleaning companies and got a much better result we were praying for. Thank you Sean, you definitely managed to remove the horrible dog scent and more!read more
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