Carpet Repair, Carpet Spot Dye and Carpet Re-Stretching in Perth

Carpet Repair PerthCarpet Repair

Capital Steam Cleaners are qualified to do all types of carpet repairs. This includes large to small patch repairs right through to sun damage and seam repairs. In most cases if your carpet suffered damage that caused a stain or a hole in it, you can cover the affected area with a spare patch of the same carpet. Patches repair holes in carpet and cover unsightly stains. This is done by neatly cutting out the damaged area, and replacing it with that identical or similar carpet patch. The best option is using a left-over off-cut piece from the original carpet. If this isn’t available don’t panic as Capital Steam Cleaners have the experience to give you options.

Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach Carpet RepairCapital Steam Cleaners are your local Carpet Spot Dyeing experts. Everyone at some time has experienced those unsightly bleach marks that appear from household bleach, nail vanish remover, chemical spills etc The dyes are removed from the carpet fibres and therefore no cleaning technique will improve these unsightly dilemmas. Most people think they are there to stay for the lifespan of the carpet. Well the great news is, they don’t have to be! We carry our magic wand and can re-dye these areas to and colour match those spots beautifully again. Because of our expertise here no costly carpet replacements are required and hence we save you a lot of money!

Carpet Re-Stretching

Carpet Stretching PerthCarpet re-stretching by Capital Steam Cleaners is becoming more and more popular every day. This is because our technique is a cost-effective way to return your carpet to it’s former glory and get rid of those unsightly ripples. Many carpets today are installed improperly with inadequate tools to do the job correctly. A lot of carpet installers do this to save time and money for themselves and not for you. We don’t think its right that they put profits before people, which is one of the main reason we have added this service to company. They are counting on you not knowing what a properly installed carpet looks like. Hence why we have added the professional carpet stretching service to our services.