Carpet Cleaning Mindarie, Clarkson, Merriwa, Quinns Rocks and Butler

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Mindarie, Clarkson, Merriwa, Quinns Rocks and ButlerCapital Steam Cleaners practice two main types of carpet cleaning. Our Carpet Steam Cleaning process, which we deem to be the most effective, is a full on hot water extraction capable of removing all soil deep down into the fibres. Our encapsulation or carpet dry cleaning process , as you probably know it, is used more for commercial carpets unless requested by the customer themselves. A commercial carpet will generally not have as thicker fibres and as Capital Steam Cleaners feel the dry-cleaning process is much more surface orientated, this clean suites these carpets much more. Encapsulation is very different to your general bonnet dry cleaning because the detergents used in this process encapsulate the soil and the soil loses it’s ability to hold fast or stick to the carpet fibres. Once these detergents are agitated into the carpet fibres adequately they must be left to dry for the required time where after they can easily be vacuumed away.

Upholstery Cleaning

Like carpet cleaning our upholstery cleaning process is done via our preferred steam cleaning or dry cleaning process. Some cotton materials will have to be dry cleaned due to the fact that they are not tolerant of a large amount of moisture. All our upholstery cleaning processes come with an industrial strength vacuum upfront, advanced stain treatment, and deodorise on completion of the clean. With 20 years of experience and training to the highest level we’ll revive that sentimental lounge suite and give it a completely restored look.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

We are recognized and rated one of the best tile and grout cleaning companies you’ll get! Our tile and grout cleaning procedures include the whole package and we add all the extras, like agitation, grout line scrubbing and tight wall cleaning. Most companies overlook these while we deem and believe all are a vital necessity. Our Fully trained technician will use a combination of premium detergents, extreme heat, ideal agitation and adequate pressure to suite your tiles. All combine allowing penetration deep into the porous and uneven areas where soils, greases and oils are presently trapped. Once these clogged areas are cleared your tiles and grout retrieve their restored look and appear almost like they did the day they were laid.

Services We Offer :

Tile and Grout Mindarie, Clarkson, Merriwa, Quinns Rocks and ButlerCarpet Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
• Rug and Mattress Cleaning
• Carpet Stretching, Carpet Repairs and Bleach Spot Dying
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
• Odour Control
• Stain Removal
• Scotchguard and Protectors
Flood Damage and Water Restoration
End of Lease Carpet Cleaning
Dry Cleaning if requested

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