The Professional Type Of Carpet Cleaning Perth Wants To Experience by Capital Steam Cleaners

  • Where the process begins

Capital Steam Cleaners have a strict policy to be as prompt and polite as possible at all times. So once our carpet cleaning company arrive on time we introduce ourselves to our customers and make them feel as comfortable with our presence as possible. Safety must always be priority for All Carpet Cleaning Companies so we immediately enquire about children and animals on site and ask the customer to help supervise while the carpet clean takes place. Professional Carpet cleaning also involves vacuum hoses, electric cables and water so we advise the customer to take special caution if they choose to stay on site while the job is in progress.

  • Inspection before Carpet Cleaning

We need to thoroughly inspect all areas due to be cleaned and not only are we checking all carpets for stains, soiling, traffic wear, composition of carpet, how all carpets were laid and pre-existing damage we must also check for obstructions, best entries and exits and most considerate method of taking care of your carpet cleaning experience. Every job is unique and must not be taken for granted and any different carpet can be vulnerable to any different cleaning method.

  • Professional Vacuuming

Capital Steam CleanersBy now Capital Steam Cleaners are very familiar with the carpets we are dealing with and using our experience have decided on the best possible carpet cleaning treatment for your carpets. Our process is an extremely clinical one and we start by using our ultra powerful Dyson vacuum cleaners capable of removing the finest soils imbedded in all fibres. Our upright industrial strength vacuum cleaners also boast cyclone head brushes to agitate fibres and dislodge and remove any hair static to your carpet.

  • Stain Treatment, Pre-Spray and Agitation  

Once all the loose soil has been removed stain treatment is to specific areas. Then we pre spray with our environmentally friendly biodegradable detergents. We now introduce our carpet cleaning rotary scrubber to help agitate the detergents into all fibres making sure we neglect no accessible areas at all. Our top quality detergents are given adequate dwelling time to breakdown heavy soiling and take care of those unwanted spots and stains lingering in the carpets.

  • Pressure Spray with Soil Extractor

It’s not only agitating that can help distinguish a highly successful carpet cleaner from your average one but heat can plays a massive role in success rate as well. Obviously the make of carpet fibres considered, the power and most suited pressure of our soil extractor and highly efficient metal carpet cleaning wand then combine to pump the heated water through injection jets deep into the carpet fibres. This water must always contain our top quality neutralizing agent to help leave any residues in a neutral state fully prepared for evaporation after extraction.

  • Moisture Extraction

Capital Steam CleanersAs much moisture must now be extracted from the carpet fibres as possible so that the carpets are left in a state where they will dry quickly. To do this our double headed vacuum with brilliant suction and air-flow provides nothing short of the best results. Over 99% of all moisture is removed during this part of our carpet cleaning process which will certainly speed up the drying time required. Our wands are driven over the carpets numerous times to make sure no unnecessary moisture is left behind.

  • Carpet Grooming

Capital Steam Cleaners want the carpets to look as presentable as possible straight after the carpet cleaning process has elapsed. For this reason a grooming brush is used to comb the carpet fibres in the same direction. This method also plays a part with ventilation, the more a carpet can breathe the faster it will dry.

  • Protectors  

Once the carpet clean is complete we must also consider the future and maintenance of your carpets. The Lifespan of most carpets can be vastly improved not only with maintenance and using Professional carpet cleaners like ourselves but by also adding a suitable protectant. A protectant plays the same sort of role as a sealant on tiles. Penetration is a lot more difficult with soiling and spillages if a decent protectant plays it’s part. Carpets are also alot less prone to permanent damage caused by regular traffic, UV rays and just general wear and tear if a protectant is regularly used.

  • Mild Deodorising and Clean-Up

Before our Carpet Cleaning Perth Service leaves your premises your carpets must not only look cleaned but smell renewed as well. Our deodorisers are presented to the carpet fibres and a fresh scent allow the carpets to rid themselves of any possible damp odours. These odours can dwell in the carpet and before you know it you are free to use your carpets as normal. Our clean-up is always thorough and we are very particular that the premises are left as we found them.

  • Finale  

After using Capital Steam Cleaners once, we are confident that you are now regular clientele. Our Professional, Polite and Particular attitude never lets us down. Our regular customers are always reminded that we are not only here to offer the work but give the advice as well. Call us at anytime and our experience will be exceedingly helpful should advice be required. Remember Capital Steam Cleaners stand beside their customer’s fulltime and not just when we pay a friendly visit to your premises to do the carpet cleaning job.

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