Carpets change from place to place and it is important to understand a lot about them before you even attempt to do any professional carpet cleaning work what so ever. With so many different types of carpets made nowadays, it is wise to use knowledgeable carpet cleaners and be cautious of other people making quick money. Many of today’s carpets are made from or contain a variety of materials such as Nylon, Acrylic, Cotton, Silk, Sisal, Polyester, Wool, and Linen. Whether we are dealing with synthetic or natural fibred materials generally determines how aggressive we can be when doing your job for you. It is always wise to take care and apply the most appropriate products and techniques which will allow you the best results!

Upholstery Cleaning can be tricky. Alot of upholstery is made of delicate fibres and is not nearly as tolerant when it comes to using powerful solvents when doing the professional clean. You can easily damage or bleach the fibres if you have chosen to use a detergent that is to tough for the upholstery material to handle. It is for this very reason that you will notice bleach marks on a lounge suite after an unprofessional job. Quite simply the PH or alkaline level in the product used during upholstery cleaning was too much for the material to tolerate and the colour left the materials. Unfortunately the only way to rectify this now is retint or repair damaged areas which can be a very time consuming affair for a company. Capital Steam Cleaners  urge you not to take risks and rather use a steam cleaning company like ourselves for best results.

Tile and Grout Cleaning must also be understood properly. Tiles are also made from a variety of different products and it’s also most certainly not a one clean takes care of all. Porcelain or Acrylic tiles are most commonly used around a residential premises and these are probably the easiest tiles when it comes to a tile and grout clean as they are not all that absorbent and the seal does not need to be removed. Terracotta and some other tile cleaning jobs can be very time consuming as the tiles are extremely absorbent restricting us to taking care of small areas at any one time.

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