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Professional Domestic & Commercial Steam Cleaning Services Available to Perth, WA

Commercial & Domestic

All Professional Steam Cleaning Services Perth requires! As a Fully Qualified and active member of a Local Carpet Cleaning Association that does not let you join unless you are fully trained and have proven your status, you can trust the job to the professionals with Capital Steam Cleaners. We have done all necessary courses and passed with flying colours, not only local but abroad as well and we carry this experience around with us from job to job.

Mattress Cleaning Perth

Most people get frustrated with their mattress cleaning. This is because every time they change their sheets they can see their mattress warrants a mattress cleaning but might perhaps feel it a very private part of their home. You should never be embarrassed or feel to exposed about getting mattress cleaning done. We have been mattress cleaners for years now and as it is part of our job and we have definitely seen the worst of the worst.

Professional steam mattress cleaning for your mattresses is a definite requirement throughout it’s lifespan. Our intention is to help you stay healthy by offering professional steam cleaning which will help you avoid diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and dust mites living in the materials used in the construction of your mattresses.

Mattress Cleaning PerthWhile asleep your mattress is the biggest collector of skin cells, body oils and dirt in your home. It is a known fact that we spend at least one third of our life on our mattress. Also knowing that mattresses are likely made of delicate materials which will be more absorbent it is wise to consider that if not maintained regularly and adequately the wear and tear can become very evident quickly. Without mattress cleaning things start looking dark and tatty in some places and developing yellow permanent stains in the most frequently used areas.

Sleeping healthy is important to your body especially if you have allergies or respiratory conditions.

Rug Cleaning Perth

Just like upholstery, delicate materials can be used a lot more frequently in rugs as well. If these rugs are not taken care of carefully they can be prone to colour bleeding and shrinkage. Your rugs are also much more likely to contain a lot more wool in comparison to your carpets. We all know that wool and other natural fibres can be extremely pricey. Capital Steam Cleaners frequently witness bleach marks from people attempting to remove spots and spills themselves which means the detergents used exceed recommended strength. Being aware of how different delicate fabrics can react is absolute priority and that’s why it’s wise and we urge you to let a company with a reputation like Capital Steam Cleaners help you do the rug clean properly from the start.

Stain RemovalStain Removal from carpets

Removing a stain promptly or taking care of spillages as soon as possible is the best remedy for getting the best results in stain removal. It’s also vital that no attempt is made by the customer to use off the shelf products to remove the stains themselves. Any unprofessional attempt to remove stains could easily set the colours as well as spread them throughout the fibres.

When dealing with stains we need to be well aware of the construction of the carpet and fibres we are working with. Understanding whether we are dealing with natural or synthetic fibres allows us the opportunity of realizing what our limits are with the strength of detergents stain treatment we use. Being fully trained and experienced in advanced stain removal allows us the ability to use the ideal solution and get you the best possible results without running any risks of doing damage at all.

Odour Removal

Taking care of odours as soon as you detect them is vital. If there is an odour there is more than likely bacteria involved. Bacteria spreads and settles fast becoming more and more of an issue. Household pets can be a major cause of odours in and around the house. Unfortunately this is not only the case if they are not house trained and there is a good spread of uric acid around, but their hair alone carries odours.

Smoke or mould are also problematic in the odour department. If regular smoking takes place in your carpeted and upholstered house nicotine odours embed themselves in the carpet fibres and materials and need to be professionally removed. Another example would be wet or damp carpets that may be neglected for some reason. Mould can yield strong and unpleasant odours due to it’s composition and must be treated immediately.

These are just some of the examples you might be experiencing at present. Once an odour has embedded itself into your materials, no ventilation is going to put the problem right. Our Odour control treatment is the best solution and eliminates and neutralizes all traces of these unpleasant odours.

Water Damage

Water restoration and flood damage can easily happen around the house. The most common jobs that we get asked to take care of are caused by plumbing problems on the premises. Rainwater and accidental overflows of sinks, baths and toilets can also be a common occurrence and flood or water damage will occur if the water saturates the carpet.

Water Damage PerthA standard extraction is not going to be an adequate treatment for any water damaged areas as the major problem is not the areas that we have easy access to but underneath. These unventilated areas underneath battle to dry out before mould set’s in and this will create serious odours and discolouration if the carpet is not lifted and treated properly. If saturated the carpet underlay must also be replaced once the carpet is lifted. Before the carpets are re-laid our Air Dryers are placed and left under the carpets for normally between 24-48Hrs to dry not only the carpet backing but the cement or wooden floors as well. Only after all is completely dry can we relay the carpet.

Following this we then take care of the carpet fibres with your complete soil extraction and deodorise. Browning treatment must also always be attended to after water damage of any sort has occurred.

Vehicle Interior

A vehicle can be another very expensive investment in a person’s life. Most people use a vehicle to get from one place to another from day to day. Your Vehicles constant exposure to the outdoors means they are inclined to feel the full effect of continual use and any lack of general maintenance. What a lot of people do tend to forget is that getting your vehicle cleaned does not just mean the exterior of the car gets washed. Granted the exterior of your vehicle is exposed to the outdoors a lot more but every vehicle has an interior that must be maintained as well.

Vehicle Interior PerthKeeping the vehicles interior clean and looking good can not only extend it’s lifespan immensely but help you drive around in a much more presentable and healthier environment inside your vehicle all round. Any food or fluid spillages on vehicle seats or vehicle carpets must be extracted or removed to avoid spotting, stains and possible odours developing. The carpets of your vehicle are also most definitely prone to heavy soiling as we are all obviously getting in and out of them directly from the outdoors all the time.  For this reason we feel letting us clean the interior of your vehicle occasionally will make all the difference in both the short and long term future of your car in general.

Our Services at Capital Steam Cleaners are all highly professional and completely guaranteed to satisfy you needs.