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Professional carpet cleaning done right will remove dirt and allergens from your carpet that might be invisible. Steam Cleaning is no surface wiping technique. What it does is it takes care of is all the impregnated soil trapped in carpet cleaning servicethe carpet pile all the way down to the backing. Because those irritating stains and marks need special attention, a carpet cleaning company trained and experienced in most departments is the ideal way to go. But regular carpet cleaning is not only beneficial for carpet appearance. It also helps to minimize wear and tear, prolong carpet lifespan, improve the cleanliness of your home and even improve your indoor air quality. Ultimately, clean carpets look better, feel softer and are healthier for you and your family to live with. This is why it is important to maintain and get involved in their upkeep on a regular basis!

Are you also aware that carpets are the biggest filters in a persons house? So a professional carpet cleaning service is a requirement at least once a year, depending on your location and traffic. Although you may seem to think that your vacuum cleaner is doing all the necessary work for you. Unfortunately this is not the case. Regular vacuuming, whilst beneficial, is only removing the loose surface orientated soil. Most soils and oils sits deeper in your carpet pile and begins to congest below the surface. This is all causing more significant damage and wear and tear.

Rest assured that with our truck mounted steam Carpet Cleaning process we extract and remove all soils, oils and greases that are trapped for you. Believe us when we say you’ll definitely notice the difference once Capital Steam Cleaners have performed their full carpet cleaning procedure. Carpet cleaning is also an absolute necessity when it comes to fire restoration damageflood restoration or water damage and mould treatments.

What You Get With Capital Steam Cleaners?

  • Firstly you are dealing with fully trained Professional Carpet Cleaners
  • Then of course our Carpet Cleaning Business is family owned and extremely local to Perth
  • Our prices are competitive and with no hidden costs
  • We provide Prompt, Friendly, Extremely Helpful Customer Service because we do care!
  • You’ll also get 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we are confident in our abilities!
  • We’re also fully Police Cleared and Fully Insured Company so you can feel comfortable with us!
  • Because we use only top class Equipment we are capable of doing any carpet cleaning job
  • Then we always use only premium Bio-degradable and Environmentally Friendly products to do all our carpet cleans
  • Remember we also have just about as many Five Star Google Reviews as any company could ask. This is because of the pride we take in our work.
Is Dry or Steam Cleaning Best?
As someone who does both steam and dry cleaning we are not biased. Dry cleaning is alot more surface orientated relying more on detergents and agitation to do the work. It is quicker, less sophisticated and ideal if you need to walk on the carpet immediately.
Steam Cleaning is more thorough. It carries the full extraction factor which although it takes longer to dry it’s because it’s cleaning deeper into your carpet pile. Removing stains and using stain treatments is not a risk with steam cleaning as they are going to be extracted after. Sadly people that do only dry cleaning will tell you it’s better but Steam Cleaning is much more effective as it’s capable of removing up to 90% of dust and allergens.
How long do carpets take to dry with carpet cleaning?
What dictates this is the composition and type of clean. Synthetic carpets will dry faster as they are not nearly as absorbent as natural carpets. With a dry clean not alot of moisture is being injected into your carpet so it should dry within an hour or two. With a steam clean alot more moisture penetrates deeper down. This means a drying time of between 6 to 8 hours if done professionally with good quality equipment.
How much does it cost to have a carpet professionally cleaned?
The cost varies from cleaner to cleaner. Most professional Carpet Cleaning companies in Australia cost between $200 to $250 for a 3 bedroom home. If you are quoted less than that take we urge you to take extreme caution. In this trade you definitely tend to get what you pay for so if you are paying alot less than this you are generally getting alot less. There are alot of redo’s and damage done by people thinking they can cut corners with no formal training!
How long does it take to have my carpets cleaned?
A professional dry carpet clean of three rooms should never take less than an hour. A professional steam clean of 3 carpets should never take less than one and a half hours. This is because they should always include a vacuum, stain treatment, deodorise and grooming as well!
Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?
Your carpet is the largest indoor filter in your house! Professional carpet cleaning will not only extend it’s lifespan by up to 4 times longer but improve indoor air quality as well. Professional Carpet Cleaning is much more cost effective than replacement, and if you look after your carpets they will look after you.

Capital Steam Cleaners – The Best Carpet Cleaning Perth Has To Offer

Capital Steam Cleaners are a fully trained carpet steam cleaning company but are professional dry cleaning specialists as well. This means we cater for all types of commercial and residential work no matter what the situation. We have also built up a brilliant reputation and are also nominated committee Members of The Carpet Cleaning Association of WA.

Remember, the most important part of a carpet clean is selecting someone who can do the job properly. Capital Steam Cleaners Is The Best Value For Money You Are Going To Get. The Carpet Cleaning Specialists!

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Qualified Woolsafe Technician

Qualified Woolsafe Technicians

We focus on achieving pinnacle levels of tuition and training. This is illustrated by the fact that we are fully entitled to display the Woolsafe emblem on our site and thus recommended by manufacturers!

IICRC Certified

IICRC Certified

The IICRC is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. We are fully certified IICRC technicians and are educated and follow the all AS/NZ Standards and procedures.

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I was suitably distressed when my woollen rug was stained by a Shitzu-cross. Capital Steam Cleaners assured me they could fix the problem – and boy, did they deliver! Quick to get job done, responsive to my questions and a joy to deal with. I highly recommend this company and would without hesitation use them again. Thanks Mel and the team at Capital Steam Cleaners – 5 star service in every respect.

Leonardo Di Giacomo

Sean really knows his stuff when it comes to everything in this industry! Sean and Melanie are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Really happy with the price and over the moon with the outcome of the services. Thank you heaps guys, will be calling you in a few months when I get the carpets, leather and tiles done at the new place. Will also be recommending you guys to anyone I know looking for the services you provide. 5 Stars Review

Kate Hart

 Would highly recommend Sean and his team above everyone else. We have a large house which had multiple pet stains and odours on the carpets throughout. Sean explained the process and what options were available, he was punctual and communicated clearly throughout the process.
The house is looking fantastic and the carpets are odour free. Well done Sean 👍 – 5 stars from me and my family. 

Ray Simpson

I used Capital Steam Cleaning to clean the interior of a second hand car I just purchased and re-stretch my bedroom and lounge carpet. Sean’s fabric knowledge combined with what product to use on various stains and surfaces was impressive. The results were truly amazing. He transformed everything back to more than I expected. Great service, punctual and friendly. Highly recommended+++

Roger Davies

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